Can You TRUST Gun Reviews?

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  1. Tom June 3rd, 2020 at 1:15 am

    About the only channels I like watching for reviews (mainly because one is fun and the other informative) are Demolition Ranch and Taofledermaus. The much maligned HiPoint has been through literal he!! on Demolition Ranch and while I won’t ever buy a HiPoint, I can’t argue with what it has been through. Taofledermaus does wonderful stuff with ammo and guns. And it’s fun, but more analytical


  2. Jay Dub June 2nd, 2020 at 4:47 pm

    Watching many YT videos (22 Plinkster, Sootch, Hickock 45, Beyond Seclusion, and many others) with great reviews for the LCPii in 22LR, compelled me to buy another Ruger.

    Of the 4 Rugers I owned previously 2/4 have been duds. The first dud was an SP101 in 1991, then in 2005 I picked up a Mkii to replace a very good one I had and sold. The 2005 was the end of the model run of 23 years. You would think this last of the run would be made perfect. NOPE! Jammomatic and it takes a hammer to take it apart and to put it together…another dud.

    LCPii in 22LR is headed back, FOR THE 2ND TIME, to Ruger as I type. It continues to have 1-2 issues per 10 rd magazine. It has failures to feed (out of battery), failures to extract, failures to eject, light strike failures to fire, unable to rack the slide because rounds hit the mag feed lips. If you watch YT James West, his runs like mine. Lucky Gunner did an honest review where Ruger replaced their first LCPii in 22 and the 2nd one was also a dud.

    Now, I do know some people have gotten this model with no issues. I had a Mkii I bought in 1986 that was trouble-free, so you can understand why I was mad at the 2005 that was a jammomatic from day 1. I know each model can have it’s own duds.

    Caveat Emptor not just with the gun itself but the reviews you watch may be tainted as this video shows.


  3. Michael Bane June 2nd, 2020 at 1:33 pm

    Well done. Credibility is far more valuable and easy to lose commodity than a “free” gun. I was offered a very expensive free gun last week. I was expansive in thanking the person for the offer, but no. The only time I look at taking a free gun is when it is tied into a project, which is usually tied into advertising [policy here is to always let viewers/listeners know what’s being paid for….on television, that’s easy…they’re called “commercials.’) and they are paid for. On the television shows, I get zero from any commercial…I am paid by the television network to produce programming, and they sell and collect the advertising. Given my druthers, I will top out of my way to feature an advertiser…and yea, I have an ABSOLUTE VETO on who advertises on my shows…and I am, I think, the only person in the business with that power. I am am losing that power…I have no say anymore in who advertisers on GUN STORIES WITH JOE MANTEGNA, a show I created and produced that has been hugely successful. I finally agreed to script one more season, but I have NO say in the content of the show nor the advertising. OTOH, I am doing one more season of SHOOTING GALLERY, and I remain 100% in control of the content of my flagship show, with the advertising veto Example of a “free” gun…am presently in a project that is going to take up a lot of my time over the next several months, involving both Internet and broadcast video. The gun I have right now I didn’t pay for it, although I will probably pay for it or return it at the end of the project, by which time the gun will have value of plus-or-minus zero. We are hard on guns around here. One other point to make…it’s not unusual for professionals to have differences of opinion. I recently found myself in 180-degree disagreement with a person whom I consider the ‘gold standard” of gun reviewers. Is he “wrong” and I am “right?” No…his test turned out differently than mind…it is worth keeping in mind (and as say this as o a one-time manufacturing consultant), extrapolating from a set of one is, in general, a bad practice. But it’s what we all have to live with. I have enough juice still left that I can occasionally have a gun company send me a case of guns, which makes fort a fairer test than a single gun, but that gets rarer and rarer.


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