Republican Claire Chase Uses Rifle To Show What She Thinks Of Red Flag Laws

2 responses to Republican Claire Chase Uses Rifle To Show What She Thinks Of Red Flag Laws

  1. 2aguy February 16th, 2020 at 4:38 pm

    95% of our gun crime problem is directly linked to democrat party policies in our democrat party controlled cities……this story needs to be told. This is how we take the fight back to the democrats, and how we defend normal gun owners and the 2nd Amendment….for too long we allow them to define the debate….and allow them to target guns and magazines when the actual problem is the policies of the democrat party with their revolving door for actual gun criminals. Why this hasn’t been focused on and attacked is the mystery…did our side not see it? Maybe…but now is the time to make the truth known to the average citizen. Stop the democrats from releasing violent gun offenders and we reduce gun crime by about 95%……this story needs to be told……


  2. 2aguy February 16th, 2020 at 4:34 pm

    The real story of gun crime and murder in the U.S. is the direct link between violent gun crime and democrat party policies. St. Louis, Baltimore, Chicago, D.C., New Orleans….look them up and you will see the democrat party allowing repeat, violent gun offenders our on bond, and out of prison with short sentences….to go back out and use illegal guns for crime and murder. This direct link needs to be exposed and used to stop the attacks on normal gun owners. They are not to blame for any of this… party politicians who cut sentences for actual gun criminals, create no cash bond laws, and the democrat prosecutors who won’t prosecute actual gun traffickers, and who plea bargain away gun charges from repeat gun offenders….and the judges who allow known, repeat gun offenders out on bond, to intimidate and murder witnesses and who give reduced sentences or no jail time for repeat gun offenders….that is the story, that is what we need to attack to stop the assault on the 2nd Amendment…..someone needs to start those stories…..


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