[Video] 9mm spanks .38 Special and rivals .357 magnum

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  1. Silence DoGood August 16th, 2018 at 10:29 am

    In terms of terminal effects, “power” (KE/ME) is relatively meaningless, and “more” has not been shown to be “better.” According to the decades of historic data collected from ERs and morgues and collated by Dr Gary Roberts (known in the ethersphere as DocGKR), in real world use, the .357Mag has NOT shown itself to be superior to the .38Spl in neutralizing targets. Nor has the 10mm Auto shown any superiority over the .40S&W, nor the .357Sig over the 9mmPara. Bullet manufacturers love printing impressive-looking numbers on the box but in the end, that’s what they’re mostly good for: advertising. In terms of ME/KE, “more is better” is largely a fallacy.

    , demonstrated no “real world” advantage in neutralizing

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