[Video] Taking an anti-gunner to the range…

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  1. Matt F. January 19th, 2019 at 10:09 am

    Hello John,

    Excellent video. Before I say what I’m was going to say I must say I little thing that I seen wrong. I’m not criticizing you in the least. Looking at the position of the Stock if it were instead a 30-06 and not an Ar she might of ended up with a busted collar bone. It was a bit to the left of the shoulder pocket.

    Anyway, Recently I had taken a friend of mine to the range. Being with physical difficulties she doesn’t do to much in the way of fun. So I decided screw that. She hadn’t shot in over 30 years. I started her out with my trusty 10/22 Ruger. She popped off 2 mags. She had a smile that hasn’t been there for a long time. I then brought out my AR. She looked at it dubiously. I did the same thing with her on pushing her shoulder to show the force of the kick.
    Anyway, I then put in the 30 rnd mag and set her up. She fired and got a huge smile. Finished off the mag and went for another. She was and still is excited. We then shot the 9mm. Make a long story short , 2 days later we were at the gun shop owned buy a lady. I allowed her to do the showing. My friend picked out what she was comfortable with in both AR and 9mm. Nice choices too. I now need to teach her reloading. I’m burning up my own press keeping her supplied in ammo. Yet she pays for it and I get free ammo to boot. Thanks for this video. It could change minds of many people. Have a blessed day and life.


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