[Video] Target shooting from a moving boat…

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  1. F T June 7th, 2019 at 9:12 am

    I have a concealed carry permit holder in two states and have been for many years. I am more middle of the road, or on the common sense side of things dealing with gun rights, or at least I think I am. Every once in a while something comes along that I don’t agree with the NRA or many pro gun people on. The NRA has been brainless in my humble opinion, on their support for Bump Stocks. As a former Marine combat vet, I know about shooting semi and full auto, having gone through 3 M-16’s in Vietnam. There is really no common sense to Bump Stocks. I belong to a gun club and no one I know of has, or had one. Same with silencers or suppressors for handguns. Makes no sense to me. Kinda hard to conceal and carry. I would like to see the NRA stop supporting everything that comes along associated with firearms and start up again educating people about guns and shooting. My club holds a Ladies Day once a year to get women interested in shooting. Both my wife and daughter are handgun shooters and do pretty well with my rifle as well.
    This shooting from a moving boat to me is just as senseless and dangerous. What do these guys think? Are they pretending to be Navy Seals shooting Somali pirates. NRA needs new leadership and get back what it was doing a before, training people for safe handeling of guns. On the other hand, Trump has a knee jerk reaction because one guy out of 320,000,000 people or so used a silencer to kill people. No laws were on the books anyplace that would have prevented this from happening. He purchased legally. Don’t be fooled by Trump. He is NOT for anything, unless it helps Donald Trump. The NRA is just as stupid to support Trump as they are to support Bump Stocks. He cannot be trusted.


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