Joe Biden Gets Heckled By Gun Owners Calling Him Brandon

Joe Biden Gets Heckled By Gun Owners Calling Him Brandon
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Biden is most certainly anti 2nd Amendment. Didn’t he swear under oath to defend and support the Constitution of the United States? Isn’t this therefore, grounds for impeachment if a sitting President swears to do one thing then does another, and will NOT support the Constitution? Most everything he says is so assinine that its almost laughable. Weapons of War- are NOT AR-15’s. Biden knows less about guns than my daughter does. He is a joke but it would stop being funny real fast if Harris became President, or Pelosi, or heaven forbid Trump again. We need new people, veterans, younger people who are not emotionally ill Like Trump or senile like Biden or Pelosi.
As a former LE Officer and a Firearms Trainer, I pay close attention to gun crimes stats. So far I don’t recall anyone commiiitng any crimes with a gun with a 100 round capacity, at least not in Ma. anyway.

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