These are the 14 Republicans who voted for the Senate’s Gun Control Bill…

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Ellie Pett

Good for them. Proud of their courage.

Turd Furgeson

Proud they shred our rights for non-effective legislation. You’re a fool.

Leroy Bailey

The shooting was set up by the gaball to set this vote up. And the killer is out on a 2,500 dollar bail. they do not care who dies to get what they want.

Robert Yonce

It’s really too bad nobody in the “Media” has the Balls to ask these simpering piles of human excrement one simple question – – since criminals, by definition, are criminals because they ignore the law, I challenge you to tell me how ANY law is going to change that fact? It’s time to get tough on these RINOS and replace them with Republicans that are true to the Constitution and their constituents’ desires.

ORVAL Pierce

I will do everything in my power to see that Cornyn is never re-elected in Texas… ever again. All those RINO’S must go!!!

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