Woke soldier says she’ll shoot Americans who disobey if martial law is declared.

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She might get, at most, one of us…. When I clicked the link to her twitter, it was already locked up private. lol


please try.. u will die…millions of ex vets, cops and patriots out there are much better marksmen than u would ever believe…the US military and law enforcement are morale based anyway…they would crumble from within quickly…the military has already proven they cant handle asymmetrical warfare, from a determined enemy…imagine millions of Americans hating you and wanting you dead.. nuff said


Upvote. For some reason, the site is telling me I’m not allowed to vote for your comment.


What is that thing?


When I was in the Army, this stunt would have been grounds for a court-martial. Now it will probably be promoted.
Sadly they must have stopped teaching tactics in the Army as well. The good sergeant doesn’t understand that the Army is vastly outnumbered by the armed population of this country. We also have already won the “logistical” fight as we don’t need anyone to supply us. Why on earth does this person think the United States wasn’t invaded by the Japanese Imperial Forces during WWII? Simply because our armed population constitutes the largest Army in the world. Think as sleepy joe does that we need F-16s and nukes. How well did that thinking work in Vietnam and (very sadly) now in Afghanistan. We didn’t need to bomb that population back into the stone age. They were already there. Now they feel they have beaten the great satan. The most technologically advanced military in the world.
How little this person understands. Also, when I was in, no one would have agreed with the sentiment that our own people (Our own Families) could ever be the enemy. Disgusting and reprehensible at every level.

Paul k

10’s of millions of patriots will shoot back sweetie. Get some hair butch.

Dick Taster

Bring it…ugly Bitch.

Joe R.

Trial balloons going up everywhere.

I’m your huckleberry.

Challenge accepted.

Tim Brower

no quarter expected, none given.

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