The Gun Feed Poll: How will the first time gun buyers affect the election?

How will the first time gun buyers affect the election?

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3 responses to The Gun Feed Poll: How will the first time gun buyers affect the election?

  1. Henry September 18th, 2020 at 3:58 pm

    Progressives are situational ethicists. Whatever works for them in the moment is their new “principle.” They got guns because they felt personally threatened for the first time in their lives. They don’t connect being a gun owner with being a victim of oppressive Democrat gun laws. They’ve never had a gun, so if they paid attention to the issue at all, it was to applaud “gunsense” approaches. Even though they now own a gun, they STILL applaud “gunsense” approaches, because it hasn’t yet personally smacked them in the head how these useless laws and regulations do nothing to stop crime while making the life of a gun owner harder. They haven’t owned one of their own long enough to realize that. And since no new gun control is coming down the pike before November 3, it won’t form any part of their decision.


  2. Renov8 September 17th, 2020 at 1:16 pm

    Most of those who are Liberal, who are buying their first gun, came to the realization that their lives were more important than the empty anti-gun narrative they thought had purpose. This is the first step in realizing not everything you think is based in reality. Most people will never change their thinking unless something or someone forces them to see things differently. The riots, the looting, forced these people to see the reality, vs. the perception they had of reality. Perception changes based on what we experience. It creates a new PERSPECTIVE. Which in turn becomes the new reality they face…and I bet it had to have been awful, to experience that new reality, when all these years they have been living in an altered state. One which allowed them to be manipulated, coerced to believe something not real, based on the media bombardment on mass shootings and the one sided arguments put forward by the biased anti-gun groups.

    Gun control is a failure…look around.

    We should be welcoming all of these new gun owners…even if they haven’t come around fully. The fact they bought their first gun, is a HUGE first step. The next ones won’t take as much convincing…cause they already see the error of their previous ways.


  3. Walt September 17th, 2020 at 12:27 pm

    As I see it, there are two types of new gun owners: “I decided to get a gun to protect my toilet paper” and “I decided to get a gun because cities are burning and the cops can’t help us”.

    Of the two factions, the TP Commandos are most likely to revert to thinking that no one else needs a gun, because they already have theirs. Meanwhile, the ‘cities are burning’ folk have finally begun to understand the importance of gun ownership as a means of self-defense and preservation.

    Hopefully, the majority of all the new gun owners stay on the Pro-2A side beyond this election.


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