[Video] Schumer presser: He wants to deem all gun parts as ‘ghost guns’. Classify “any part as a firearm”…

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[…] In remarks to media pushing his gun control agenda, Sen. Schumer said, “…the evil gun dealers, pushed by the NRA, have used gun shows as a major way to get guns into the hands of people without a background check.” […]


I can’t say what I feel about Schumer!It would sting the ears and take too long! But Schumer needs a toothbrush moustach! He is the Devil Incarnate. He has Secret Service and lots of money to protect hm! My Fifth GGreat Grandfather w Blacksmith and Gun Maker, n a Britsh Priosn ship for 6 mths and was at York Town in the Revolutionary war.I’m sure Schumer would have been a Tory. he had a home mad gun. Demoncrats want Honorable Citizens/Patriots especially “white” people disarmed,for the same reason as the infamous NYC’s Sullivan Law! So we can’t defend our selves from their ANTIFA/BLM and.the Democrat Government Brown Shirts! Honorable Citizens/patriots especially”whites” are the der Juden in the Democrat’s hell they are creating. Notice who gets arrested when Terroists attack in the Democrat Hellls (Cities) the Honorable Citizens/Patriots who are not allowed to defend life and property but did!Schumer to Americans, you have no Rights,shut up and kneel to the Democrat whip of your new Masa, Adolph Schumer!

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