Wayne LaPierre: There is not one single existing gun law that should be done away with

Wayne LaPierre: There is not one single existing gun law that should be done away with
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technically not clickbait when he didn’t disavowed existing laws.


We should ALL resign from shooting clubs that Require NRA membership. Fuck it. There are other more effective gun rights orgs. out there.J


No there aren’t. Like it or not, the NRA is the only group that strikes fear. It’s our club not his.


Well if we’d donate to Gun Owners of America (GOA) and the Second Amendment Fdn (SAF) like we do the NRA, they’d have the status and reach they and WE deserve from a civil rights defense org. La Pierre is just a private version of the swamp creatures we keep electing to Congress. He’s scratching their backs and their scratching his. Enough. Remember, the NRA helped craft allllll the federal infringement gun laws we have now.


Clickbait Fake News.


Bullshit click-bait. He never said that!


This guy needs to be tossed and if he isn’t then members should resign. He’s a spendthrift phony who has been in charge too long with little other than scandal to show for it.


There is not one NRA Member that supports what LaPierre declared!A great many of my Neighbors and Folks in DAV, American Legion, and fellow Vets at the VA or anyone else I know or come in contact with. A large number have quit the NRA because laPierre and the Board treat it as their for profit private company and our Membership fees and cotributions go into their pockets. No one supports GCA68 or even NFA, the Hughes Amendments and other Laws that NRA supported or the unconstitutional ATF, acting as a Legislature, and their persecution,illegal restrictions of the Firearms Owners and Businesses! We do not support what laPierre said!!! NRA is under attack by the”Left” and NRA Leadership does not fully support 2A. Maybe they think the “Left” will be more accepting. Well Members are sick and tired of Fun Control LaPierre and his chosen Board!


That headline makes no sense… he never said that in his speech??

Jake Logan

Click bait.


All Gun laws are infringements. He should be preaching about rolling back gun laws, not enforcing the intolerable acts that are on the books.

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