1 of the 2 Revolvers a Man was Open Carrying Falls Out, Causing ND Inside Grocery Store – USA Carry

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LOCUST, NV – In a case of negligence, a shopping trip at the Locust Walmart on the evening of March 16th took an unexpected turn when a firearm fell out of a man’s holster causing it to discharge. As detailed by the Locust Police Department, the situation, initially feared to be an active shooter event, was quickly understood to be an negligent discharge of a firearm carried by a customer, Chadwick Brattain.

Brattain, who was openly carrying two revolvers in a western-style gun belt, inadvertently caused one of his firearms to discharge into the ceiling while reaching for groceries. This was attributed to the firearm falling from a holster with minimal retention. Fortunately, no injuries were reported, though the incident resulted in property damage to the Walmart store.

Chief Jeff Shew of the Locust Police Department confirmed that Brattain faced charges related to misdemeanor damage to property and a violation of the City of Locust Firearms Ordinance, which restricts discharging firearms within a certain distance of occupied buildings. Brattain’s bond was set at $5,000.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the responsibilities that come with the right to bear arms. While the Second Amendment protects the right to carry firearms, it is imperative for gun owners to practice safe firearm handling. A critical aspect of this is the use of appropriate holsters that securely retain the firearm to prevent accidental falls and discharges. Proper holsters not only secure the firearm but also ensure that safety mechanisms are engaged and that the trigger is protected from unintended manipulation.

The negligence displayed in this case underscores the importance of choosing a holster that properly retains the firearm. A proper holster should securely retain the firearm under all reasonable conditions, including bending and reaching (and even backflips), as commonly occurs during daily activities like shopping.

The Locust Walmart incident is a cautionary tale that highlights the thin line between exercising Second Amendment rights and endangering public safety through careless practices. As gun owners, it is our duty to ensure that our actions reflect a commitment to safety and responsibility. This includes investing in quality holsters that provide adequate retention and regularly practicing safe firearm handling. By doing so, we not only protect ourselves but also those around us, ensuring that our right to bear arms is exercised with the utmost respect for the safety of our communities.

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Source: 1 of the 2 Revolvers a Man was Open Carrying Falls Out, Causing ND Inside Grocery Store


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