32 People Shot in Chicago in 12 Hours – Let’s Talk Defensive Gun Use

Apr 18, 2024 | 0 comments

Chicago, IL: Between 5 pm Saturday and 5am Sunday, there were at least 32 people shot, 7 fatally, and 2 stabbings. That’s in only 12 hours!

There’s not enough room to list the number of random shots fired that were picked up by ShotSpotter with whom Mayor Johson has canceled the contract .

Most of these shootings appear to be gang-related, and there was a mass shooting where an 8-year-old girl was killed and 10 more wounded.

Will Mayor Johnson come out and say anything? Probably not, but if so, it will most likely be some gibberish about disenfranchised silly kids again.

In Chicago, there were more fatalities and injuries than there were from the 300 drones and missiles fired at Israel the day before.

Think about that.

By Monday morning, the death toll over the weekend had reached eight, with 40 additional people left wounded.

HeyJackass tracks the number of shootings in Chicago, and currently there have been.

122 people were shot and Killed

550 people shot and wounded

672 total people were shot this year, with 144 total homicides.

Source: 32 People Shot in Chicago in 12 Hours


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