5th Chicago CCL Holder Defends Themselves In a Week – Let’s Talk Defensive Gun Use

Jan 30, 2024 | 0 comments

The CCL holder involved in this morning’s shooting is the fifth person in the Chicago area to defend themselves in the past week.

Here are the five incidents that I know of.

1/22/2024    Teen shot by a customer during an attempted restaurant robbery

1/26/2024   In Chicago Ridge, offenders got into a gunfight with 2 CCL holders they were following

1/28/2024  CCL holder calls 911 and says someone is threatening him with a knife

1/28/2024: CCL holder gets into a shootout with men who stole his SUV

1/30/2024: This morning, men attempted to rob a CCL holder, and they lost

How many officer-involved shootings have occurred in the past week? Zero that I can find.

I’m meeting with a Chicago business owner tomorrow to view security camera footage that shows the police arriving just as the offenders take off.

They got away and committed multiple robberies on the same night, including another one of his stores.

Given that last year saw a significant number of shootings in self-defense in major cities, the question is whether this pattern will continue in 2024.

Source: 5th Chicago CCL Holder Defends Themselves In a Week


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