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On February 28, 2024, the Louisiana House passed Senate Bill 1 in a majority 75-28 vote. The bill, authored by USPSA Grand Master and member of the Louisiana Senate, was pushed through the House with little opposition. Previously, Louisiana had a bill land on the desk of the former governor, John Bel Edwards, only to be swiftly vetoed. Senate Bill 1 (SB1) is now headed to the desk of current governor Jeff Landry, who has pledged to sign the bill. After signing, the law will go into effect on July 4, 2024.

What Louisiana residents should be aware of with SB1:

1. SB1 amends Louisiana R.S. 14:95, which is the revised statute for the Illegal Carrying of Weapons. A law that anyone lawfully carrying a firearm in the state of Louisiana should be aware of.

2. SB1 amends the statute to allow any person not prohibited from possessing a firearm under R.S. 14:95.1 (State or Federal law) to carry a concealed handgun. Previously, the statute was limited to Louisiana residents only, with the exception of non-residents with a valid permit or license recognized by the state of Louisiana.

3. Additionally, the bill drops the age of those persons from 21 years of age to 18 years of age.

4. SB1 also amends R.S. 40:1379.3(B)(2)(a), (M), and (O) to allow for any person who meets the qualifications of 14:95(M) to not be required to possess a Concealed Handgun Permit in order to carry a concealed handgun.

5. Louisiana R.S. 40:1379.3(M) is amended to include those who do not possess a valid permit to restrict them similarly to those with a valid permit in regards to carrying of a concealed handgun in any facility, building, location, zone, or area in which firearms are banned by state. Essentially all State and Federal No Firearms Zones.

6. The most important section of text in SB1 is in regards to permitless concealed carriers.

“(N) Any person lawfully carrying a handgun pursuant to Subsection M 20 of this Section shall be subject to the restrictions contained in R.S. 40:1379.3(I).”

What this means is that those permitless carriers now must obey the same laws and rules that those with a Louisiana Concealed Handgun Permit must also obey.

How does this affect the permitless concealed carrier?

See below for R.S. 40:1379(I), but for the quick notes:

1. No drinking alcohol while carrying (a BAC of 0.05 or greater means you’re under the influence).

2. Duty to inform. Permitless carriers shall now notify any police officer who approaches the concealed carrier in an official manner or with an identified official purpose that the carrier is carrying a concealed handgun, submit to a pat down, and be disarmed.

The full text of R.S. 40:1379.3 can be read below:

[pdf_embed url=”https://www.usacarry.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/02/Louisiana-Laws-Louisiana-State-Legislature.pdf”]

A win for the state of Louisiana, but the fight isn’t over.

With the upcoming possibility of new concealed carriers soon carrying a concealed handgun in their right to self-defense, it’s important for those individuals to understand that although there is no longer a legal obligation to seek training to obtain a permit, it is wise that they seek out training regardless. Remember that your fight hasn’t ended until after it has begun. It’s important to better yourself as a shooter before you find yourself in an undesirable situation. A trained individual is a safe individual, and you can increase your chances of successfully defending yourself if a situation ever arises when you have received formal training through proper instruction.

Disclaimer: This is not legal advice and should not be treated as such. At the time of this article, SB1 has not been signed, nor has it been enacted as law. For any concerns or questions in regards to the carrying of a concealed handgun in Louisiana, please contact the Louisiana State Police Concealed Handgun Permit Unit:

Louisiana State Police

Concealed Handgun Permit Unit

P.O. Box 66375

Baton Rouge, LA 70896


Concealed Handgun Permit Unit Phone Numbers:

(225) 925-4867

(225) 925-4868

(225) 922-0225 (Fax Number)

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