A-TACS Camo Comes to Tru-Spec

May 5, 2017 | 0 comments

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We are now offering the TRU-SPEC TRU ACU Style Uniform in A-TACS FG and A-TACS AU Camo. The TRU Shirt and Pant are already in stock with the A-TACS FG pattern with the A-TACS AU option soon to follow. We are very excited with this offering as it is the first time an ACU spec uniform is offered in a 50/50 NYCO fabric for the A-TACS Camo options.We are also stocking the A-TACS AU and FG Contractor’s Cap, which are available in a one size fits all selection. Order all TRU-SPEC products at PredatorBDU.com …read more


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