Alameda County District Attorney: “No one needs an assault weapon for personal safety and assault weapons are mostly used to commit crimes.”

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Leigh A Dyer

I contacted the DA and insisted that she arrest all the police officers and sheriff’s deputies in Alameda County for having, using, and – the horror! – teaching people to use them and shoot at targets that look like BLACK MEN WITHOUT WEAPONS!


What nonsense! The FBI’s own figures show that “assault weapons” are used inside of 400 times a year in criminal activities. Hell, the members of my gun club use them more than that on the range.

Silence DoGood

“Need” is a red herring.

  1. The word “need” does not appear in the US Constitution (2 mentions of “needful,” 0 of “need”). Therefore “need” is hardly a valid discriminator for Constitutionally-protected ownership.
  2. You don’t “need” 90% of the things you own, yet you still have them, and no one questions the legitimacy of your ownership of any of them … except firearms.
  3. I will not stipulate to not “needing” them, however, even if that were the case, I still want them, just as you want the 90% of your possessions that you have but don’t “need.” If you think I will ever accept your interpretation that your “wants” are legitimate while mine are not, you are just as dimwitted as your “need” argument makes you sound.

NO NOT engage with the hoplophobes on the subject of “need.” It is by design an oblique argument and there is nothing to be gained by parrying an oblique argument with a direct one.

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