Argentina Elects Pro-Gun Chainsaw Wielding Libertarian – Let’s Talk Defensive Gun Use

Nov 20, 2023 | 0 comments

Argentina elected a libertarian head of state yesterday with some views I think many people can relate to.

I don’t know exactly what some labels the media are using mean, like “anarcho-capitalist” and “radical libertarian populist.” So, I spent a few hours reviewing his policies and listening to his speeches last night.

What Does Javier Milei Stand For?

He has proposed some significant reforms that many call radical, but I’m seeing some common sense. He can be very abrasive and blunt, so I can’t use his actual words for some of his views.

His governing philosophy is that “you can’t give s**t leftists an inch.”

He’s Anti-China

Thinks teaching gender education in school is brainwashing





He’s said, “redistributing wealth is a violent act”

Climate change is a “lie of socialism”

He believes criminals shouldn’t be allowed to immigrate to his country.

You’ll have to look up what he said about Pope Francis and Mickey Mouse, but use your imagination.

Pro-gun and wantd to loosen gun control.


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— (@antiprogrecom) November 19, 2023

Gun Control in Argentina

You can carry a firearm in Argentina, but it is not a simple and a nearly impossible process . You have to pass both physical and psychiatric examinations. Then, you are required to undergo firearm training and show proof of income.

You need to provide the reason you want the firearm, and once you get your permit for ownership, it has to be renewed continually.

In Argentina, there were over 1 million gun owners registered with 1.62 million guns in 2021. They estimate that there are another 1.6 million illegal weapons in the country, which once again shows gun control doesn’t work.

Argentina’s Economy

They counted over 26 million paper votes within hours, and he got 56% in his favor with a 76% voter turnout. In the US, we are still ironing out 2020.

They will not swear in Milei until December 10th, and with central bank interest rates at 133%, he is inheriting a train wreck. The inflation rate is currently 143%, and the central bank predicts it to be 185% by the end of the year if something doesn’t change.

Milei’s acceptance speech vowed “a limited government, respect for private property and free trade ” last night. The model of decadence has come to an end. There is no way back.”

He is a self-proclaimed populist who they have labeled a libertarian. I watched an interview where he said “libertarian” has a different meaning in his country compared to the US. Honestly, I can’t figure out the difference.

“If printing money would end poverty, printing diplomas would end stupidity” -Javier Milei, newly elected President of Argentina.

He’s like a Trump on steroids with no ego, and they both need a hairstylist. I see a pattern there.

Luckily, I managed to download a couple of videos because one is missing this morning, and getting to some others is hit or miss. The views are in the millions, so I’m sure the servers are struggling to keep up. Two tweets with videos are averaging 833,000 views per hour. That’s 10 million views between two videos; half the world hasn’t even been open for business.

The market is up over 12% already this morning, so someone thinks he’s got potential. Like him or not, he’s one to keep an eye on.

Market reaction to the election of Javier Milei to be president of Argentina.

— Wall Street Silver (@WallStreetSilv) November 20, 2023

Source: Argentina Elects Pro-Gun Chainsaw Wielding Libertarian


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