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PHILADELPHIA, PA – Two men attempted to rob a pizza restaurant in Philadelphia in early November, but were foiled by an employee carrying a concealed firearm. The worker fired on the armed robbers, killing one.

The pizza industry is something of a target for armed robbery, as both restaurants and pizza delivery drivers are commonly targeted.

Robbery Attempt At George’s Pizza Foiled By Armed Employee

In the evening of November 4, 2023, two armed men entered George’s Pizza in the Frankford neighborhood of Philadelphia, according to NBC Philadelphia , but found their fellow Philadelphians have a lot less brotherly love than advertised.

The shooter, according to 6 ABC (Action News Philadelphia, an ABC affiliate) is reportedly the son of the restaurant’s owner but isn’t being named in the media. Action News reports that the robbers fired first, prompting him to start shooting back.

The store worker – again, reportedly the owner/operator’s son – opened fire on the two robbers, hitting one several times and stopping him.

The second robber fled the scene, leaving – and Philadelphians would want someone to say this – as empty-handed as Agholor.

Authorities arrived on-scene and found the robber that was shot. He had multiple wounds to the upper body and head. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police and prosecutors are reviewing security camera footage and are therefore still investigating, but no charges have been filed at this time.

Immediate Response Pays Dividends

Presuming the facts of the incident were as described in news reports, the shooter took fire first and responded immediately with fire of his own, killing one and sending the other out the door.

In other words, it pays to be able to respond quickly with accurate fire. The man behind the counter might not have survived if he didn’t.

Restaurants, retail shops and convenience stores are some of the most common targets of armed robbery, as are pizza delivery drivers. For people in those trades, it’s a good thing to consider being armed in just such an event as these.

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