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LEE COUNTY, NC – In an unexpected turn of events in Lee County, North Carolina, a man fleeing from deputies chose an occupied home as his hideout, only to be chased out by the armed homeowner. The incident unfolded in the 1000 block of James Street, where narcotics agents were executing a search warrant. Phillip Fortune, 30, made a run for it from the front yard, seeking refuge in the nearby woods and subsequently breaking into a nearby residence.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the unpredictable nature of threats to personal safety and property. Unlike a premeditated burglary or a domestic dispute, this situation arose from the randomness of a suspect’s desperate attempt to evade law enforcement. Such scenarios underscore the importance of being prepared for anything at any time.

The homeowner, faced with an unexpected and potentially dangerous intrusion, responded with prompt and decisive action by confronting the intruder with a firearm. This action led to the intruder fleeing the home, allowing for his capture by law enforcement agents shortly thereafter. The incident, described by Sheriff Estes with a touch of levity as “Where’s Waldo?”, nevertheless highlights a serious matter regarding self-defense and the protection of one’s home.

Phillip Fortune was arrested and subsequently charged, with a $101,000 secured bond issued against him. While the outcome was fortunate in this case, with no harm coming to the homeowner and the suspect being apprehended, it brings to light the essential readiness required by individuals to defend themselves and their property.

This occurrence reinforces the crucial need for homeowners to be vigilant and prepared for any situation, whether it’s a targeted crime or a random act resulting from another event. Being armed and ready to protect oneself, as demonstrated by the homeowner, can make the difference in ensuring personal and family safety. It’s a powerful reminder that security measures and personal preparedness should never be taken for granted, as the unforeseen can happen at any moment.

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Source: Armed Homeowner Sends Felon Attempting to Hide Running Right Into Deputy’s Cuffs


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