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MESQUITE, TX – In a tense incident on Monday morning, a student who brought a firearm to a Mesquite charter school was shot by police, leading to a lockdown and a swift law enforcement response. The episode unfolded at the school located at 3200 Oates Drive, as Mesquite Police Department officers arrived on the scene following reports of an armed individual on campus.

The school administration discovered the student with the firearm, prompting police intervention. An attempt to negotiate with the student resulted in an officer-involved shooting. The student was subsequently transported to a local hospital, though details about their condition remain undisclosed. The student’s identity and motives, as well as whether the firearm was discharged, have not been released.

Thankfully, no other students or officers sustained injuries during the incident. School officials praised the effectiveness of their safety protocols, which were credited with quickly containing the situation. “We have rigorous safety protocols in place… Today, those procedures were tested, and they worked as intended,” a school statement highlighted, as reported by NBCFDW news .

The charter school reassured parents and students of its commitment to safety, announcing the continuation of classes for the week and the provision of counseling services to those affected. The incident, which caused considerable anxiety among students and parents, has sparked further dialogue on school safety measures and the impact of such events on school communities.

Students shared their harrowing experiences of the lockdown with NBC 5, describing the initial disbelief and ensuing fear as the reality of the situation set in. “It was pretty scary,” one student recounted.

Parents waiting anxiously outside during the lockdown voiced their concerns, with one parent describing the ordeal as a “parent’s worst nightmare.” This sentiment reflects the growing unease surrounding school safety and the need for continued vigilance and preparedness in the face of potential threats.

As the community begins to process the day’s events, the focus turns to supporting those impacted and reinforcing the importance of effective safety measures within educational settings.

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