At Gun Point's machine-gun shoot (Photo gallery)

Mar 7, 2016 | 0 comments

Gun Point owner Felex Yukhtman knows how to host a party. Felex put together a machine-gun shoot Sunday, for friends and family. Even though it was a smaller event than his normal machine-gun shoots, he didn’t scrimp on the guns, ammo or fun. There were fully-automatic AKs and M4s of all types and calibers, suppressed .22 rifles and pistols, a 9mm Sterling SMG, several MP-5s, SCARs, P-90s, fully-automatic Glock 18s, a Thompson SMG and a full-auto American 180 in .22 LR. Felex’s machine-gun shoots are something that everyone should attend at least once. They’re well organized and very, very safe.

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