Biden spikes the football over Sandy Hook Settlement, Libels the Gun Industry…

Here is their official press release… Notice: “gun dealers”…

Statement from President Joe Biden on Sandy Hook Settlement

Today, the families of nine victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting have secured a historic settlement with the gun manufacturer Remington. While this settlement does not erase the pain of that tragic day, it does begin the necessary work of holding gun manufacturers accountable for manufacturing weapons of war and irresponsibly marketing these firearms.

This progress is the result of the perseverance of nine families who turned tragedy into purpose. They have demonstrated that state and city consumer protection laws – like Connecticut’s Unfair Trade Practices Act – provide an opportunity to hold gun manufacturers and dealers accountable for wrongdoing despite the persistence of the federal immunity shield for these companies.

As I have repeatedly called for, Congress must repeal the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act so we can fully hold gun manufacturers and dealers accountable. But, in the meantime, I will continue to urge state and local lawmakers, lawyers, and survivors of gun violence to pursue efforts to replicate the success of the Sandy Hook families. Together, we can deliver a clear message to gun manufacturers and dealers: they must either change their business models to be part of the solution for the gun violence epidemic, or they will bear the financial cost of their complicity.

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All investigative reporting about Sandy Hook was banned in the USA…the documentary that revealed the true identity of all parents, (including the ones involved in this suit) were revealed in “we need to talk about Sandy Hook”, but it was taken down and banned..Alex Jones like him or not was sued in kangaroo courts and lost..America is way off course for the elite’s disarm schedule…all foreign countries that staged false flag school shootings moronically gave up their private gun rights …The elites thought and still think it will work in the USA..but now they will count on insurance companies to do their evil bidding…ITS JUST THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG..


All of those people killed but none injured? In the age of smart phones, no pictures from inside? Teenage nerd pulls off feat of arms worthy of a green beret? Presumably, the purpose of the gun free school zones act is to allow for the occasional nutcase to do a school shooting, but none had occurred during Obama’s first term. Probably got tired of waiting.


One mentally ill moron, murders his mother and steals her legally owned gun from a locked gun cabinet and goes on a murderous rampage is somehow the fault of the company who made the gun. I don’t get it. How does that come to be the case????
When I came back from Vietnam and saw the first AR-15 for civilians, I KNEW right then and there that was going to be trouble, and it has been ever since. Morons want to play soldier and war hero and buy one of those and shoot up everything. I had three in Vietnam and I have NEVER had the need or desire to fire another one ever since. I wish they never made them for idiots. I have even seen police officers turn stupid when they get one of those in their hands. Saw a local cop who chased a guy for speeding and the guy crashed so the cop, for whatever reason, feels the need to drag out the AR-15 and run to the crash scene????? If they confiscated every single one of them, I wouldn’t care. No US civilian NEEDS one for ANYTHING. Not really good for hunting or for self defense in a house and especially in an apartment building.


They do make it difficult to force their owners into boxcars.


shut the fuck up boomer


shut the fuck up boomer


lead the charge to try to take them…see how it works out for you..the sad thing is your were fighting for freedom, for the people, over there..they had all their freedoms removed by a bully government..they had no means to stop the slaughter and indoctrination of innocent people..AT LEAST WE DO!!..GO BACK TO YOUR DEMOCRAT PARTY MEETING..


Let’s go Brandon….what a douche!

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