Brave Hollywood Hills Homeowner Defends Herself with Firearm, Shoots Intruder in Self-Defense

Oct 17, 2023 | 0 comments

LOS ANGELES, CA – A woman was forced to defend herself with a firearm this past Sunday after an intruder didn’t heed her warning to go away.

On Sunday night, a homeowner in the Hollywood Hills, a neighborhood of Los Angeles, saw a man in her backyard. Then she found him at the back door, trying to break in. She told the suspect to leave, but he refused.

The homeowner saw the suspect reaching into his pocket and reportedly thought it was a weapon. Then, she fired at the suspect in self-defense. The man was wounded and taken to a hospital, where he was last reported in critical condition.

The new report from FOX11 mentioned that the homeowner “took matters into her own hands,” but I’d have to disagree. That saying usually refers to someone taking action instead of waiting for authorities to take action. When someone is breaking into your back door and you are in fear of your life, taking action is your only option. So, the homeowner simply did what she had to to stop the threat.


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