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WAKE FOREST, N.C. – A domestic incident in a grocery store parking lot erupted in gunfire recently, but the shooter found himself under fire as a pistol license holder drew his concealed weapon and returned fire.

The shooter fled the scene but was taken into custody shortly thereafter.

North Carolina Parking Lot Erupts In Gunfire

A domestic dispute devolved into gunfire on Oct. 22 in Wake Forest, N.C., according to WRAL , resulting in the shooter being fired on by a person with a North Carolina concealed pistol license.

An argument began between three people on the evening of Oct. 22, including one Mirza Zukanovic, 35, in the parking lot of Lowes Foods in the Wake Forest Crossing shopping center. Zukanovic produced a pistol and began firing at the other two people.

An unnamed man with a license to carry drew his gun and started shooting at Zukanovic, who promptly fled the scene.

Zukanovic went on to get into a car crash, where he was detained by police and arrested. He will face charges for the incident, including two counts of assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill, discharging a firearm inside city limits, DUI, driving without a license, driving without a seat belt, and failure to maintain lane control.

A Good Guy With A Gun Stopped A Nutcase On Demon Rum

While the trope “a good guy with a gun” is far too simplistic – the reality is complicated, nuanced, and maddening – sometimes it actually applies. In this instance, it certainly did.

The first shooter is clearly a person with problems of some sort. Add alcohol and firearms to those problems, and you have a time bomb. Hardly a great revelation; drug and alcohol abuse go hand-in-hand with violence along with poverty.

It’s no secret that alcohol is unequivocally one of the most destructive and worst drugs in any society, and people with behavioral or

Luckily for the other people in the parking lot, a permit holder was armed and ready to respond, which they did. Luckily for the people who live in that area, the shooter got into a car crash and was taken into custody, and will likely not be seeing the outside of prison walls for some time.

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