Dan K. Thomasson: Rubio's gun legislation only adds more risk – McClatchy Washington Bureau

Mar 5, 2016 | 0 comments

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Headlines & Global NewsDan K. Thomasson: Rubio’s gun legislation only adds more riskMcClatchy Washington BureauThat’s a hefty number and they all rush to the polls if anyone even whispers “gun control.” Nothing, it seems, is more important in the Constitution to them than the right to bear arms. They believe that privilege is the corner stone of our liberty and …Anti-Gun White House Doesn’t Want Congress Interfering with DC Gun LawsPJ MediaWhite House Says Congress Shouldn’t Interfere With D.C. Gun LawsHeadlines & Global NewsFederal lawmakers propose to scrap DC gun lawsGuns.comExaminer.comall 7 news articles …read more


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