Deputy Attacked During Welfare Check – Let’s Talk Defensive Gun Use

Jan 25, 2024 | 0 comments

Talk about a close call. Police were dispatched for a welfare check that ended up in a gunfight.

Any time there is a chance of a confrontation or you’re in a risky situation, leave yourself a reactionary gap. The perpetrator cornered the officer in this incident, and she got lucky.

This was in February 2021 in Mason, Ohio. The man survived, and the deputy did not get shot during the attack.


The minimum distance required between an individual and a potential threat is the concept of a “reactionary gap.” This space is very important because it gives you time to respond to an attack.

All kinds of factors impact how big of a reactionary gap you should have, including the physical condition of the people involved, the type of weapons, and your setting. Keep this concept in mind and keep a safe distance in potentially dangerous situations.

People in some cities, like Denver and New York, have recommended sending social workers to perform welfare checks instead of police officers.

How is a dispatcher supposed to know when a “non-violent” call can become a violent encounter?

If they can accurately predict that, I want them to buy me some lottery tickets.

Source: Deputy Attacked During Welfare Check


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