Dr Oz responds with official statement after being called anti-gun…

May 23, 2022 | 0 comments

Here is his official statement…

“As a proud gun owner myself, I’m a firm believer in the Second Amendment and our constitutional right to bear arms for protection. I do not believe there should be any policy or law, state or federal, that prevents a law-abiding American from purchasing a gun without due process and fair adjudication,”

More on the history of this here…

Senate GOP Candidate, Dr Oz, is Anti-Gun

“America is bleeding”: Doctors on the front lines of recent mass shootings vent their frustration about this public health crisis. #ThisIsOurLane @macky_neal @JosephSakran @scrubbedin @MikeZahalsky pic.twitter.com/ORTdwbAmFp

— Dr. Mehmet Oz (@DrOz) November 16, 2018

Right now, the @CDCgov is NOT funded to study gun violence in this country. It’s time we treat shootings as a public health problem. Contact your congressperson today to demand they fund the #CDC to comprehensively study gun violence. #EndTheBan https://t.co/iFDGMG7fI5 pic.twitter.com/lZdMXW5zLC

— Dr. Mehmet Oz (@DrOz) March 14, 2018

He was also promoted by prominent gun control groups like Moms Demand Action (Bloomberg’s Commie Mommies) and Sandy Hook Promise. “Prevent gun violence” in the context these groups use doesn’t mean anything other than “gun control legislation and political solutions”, https://t.co/JFYBHc08Wm pic.twitter.com/ZPUjqZ0S5c

— MomAtArms (@mom_at_arms) December 1, 2021