El Paso County Sheriff Warns of Concealed Carry Permit Scam – USA Carry

May 29, 2024 | 0 comments

EL PASO COUNTY, CO – The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office is alerting residents to a deceptive scam involving concealed carry permits that is currently circulating within the community. Individuals are advised to exercise caution and avoid clicking on links in unsolicited text messages or emails.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, the scam message falsely informs recipients that the deadline to apply or renew their concealed carry license is approaching, providing a suspicious link for the application process. The message reads: “The 23rd of May is the last day to apply for your concealed carry license. It takes 15 min to download [LINK REMOVED] Reply Stop to OPTOUT.” The inclusion of an unrecognized domain and a random 866 phone number not associated with any official sheriff’s office communications are clear indicators of fraudulent activity.

The Sheriff’s Office emphasizes that it does not contact individuals via text message for the purposes of obtaining or renewing concealed carry permits. Residents receiving such messages are urged not to click on any links or reply to the text, as this can lead to personal information theft or the installation of malware on their devices.

Scammers often employ tactics like urgent deadlines and official-looking communications to trick victims into acting quickly without verifying the authenticity of the message. It’s crucial for individuals to remain vigilant, especially when dealing with sensitive matters like permit renewals. Always verify through official channels before providing any personal information or clicking on links in unsolicited communications.

If you encounter a suspicious message, it’s advisable to report it to local authorities, helping them track the prevalence of such scams and possibly prevent future occurrences. The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office continues to work diligently to inform and protect the community against these deceitful practices.

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