Everytown & ‘moms’ “called for” Biden to appoint a Black woman to SCOTUS before he went public…

Jul 1, 2022 | 0 comments

Well, isn’t that convenient. I point this out to simply state that they have his ear. As much as we mock them for being a complete clown show, they do indeed have an inside track to POTUS…

Thats illegal. You CAN NOT make sex or race a condition of employment. You are literally committing sexual discrimination and racial discrimination. You are everything that you say your hate. #RESIGN #HighCrimesAndMisdemeanors https://t.co/e50OAKuuYA

— The Gun Feed (@TheGunFeed) January 28, 2022

See also… This was two days before Biden said it publicly…


“The gun violence prevention movement is grateful for Justice Breyer’s distinguished career and understanding that reasonable gun safety laws are constitutional,” said Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action. “We look forward to President Biden nominating a Black woman to continue this legacy, and we will mobilize our grassroots army of volunteers to ensure the Senate swiftly confirms them.”