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Brooksville, FL – In an assertive display of self-defense, a Brooksville woman turned the tables on an attacker by using a firearm. The Hernando County Sheriff’s Office reported an early morning disturbance at a Young Street residence, leading to a shooting that left the assailant, Arthur Clinton, with a gunshot wound.

The incident unfolded after an altercation at a local bar. The woman and Clinton returned home, where the conflict escalated. Clinton allegedly placed a gun on the front porch before physically assaulting the woman, eventually strangling her. In a desperate bid for survival, the woman retrieved the gun as Clinton charged at her a second time.

Local news reported that she shot Clinton in the leg in self-defense, ceasing the attack. Despite her trauma, she attempted to transport Clinton to the hospital, which is where deputies found them. The aftermath of the assault was evident from the woman’s broken fingernails, scratched arms, and debris in her hair.

Clinton, recovering from his injuries, now faces charges of domestic battery by strangulation. The woman, whose swift action likely saved her life, faces no charges.

In a remarkable display of resilience and quick thinking, the woman in this harrowing encounter demonstrated the will to fight back amidst a life-threatening situation. Overcoming the physical assault, she managed to secure the firearm, originally brought by the assailant, and used it to defend herself. Her ability to respond decisively in the face of imminent danger not only neutralized the immediate threat but also showcased her courage and presence of mind in a critical moment of self-defense.

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