Gun Owner Gets Arrested After Having His Gun Stolen – Let’s Talk Defensive Gun Use

Nov 1, 2023 | 1 comment

A guy partying with his friends got arrested after someone stole the gun he was carrying.

A 23-year-old victim, who, in this case, is also an alleged criminal, was attending a party in Decatur, IL, over the weekend.

Someone went up to him and lifted the hoodie he was wearing, then took the handgun he had concealed underneath.

By the time the police got there, the crook who stole the gun was gone. The victim, though, got taken in and charged with unlawful use of a weapon (UUW.)

Sgt. Steve Hagemeyer from the Decatur Police Department said, “He said a man got really close to him, lifted up his hoodie, and grabbed his gun from his waistband, a 9mm semi-automatic with an extended magazine.”

“The man then pointed the gun at everybody and told them to get out of the house. The victim said he didn’t want to be shot with his own gun, so he left on foot and called the police.”

“He is allowed to have a gun, but he does not have a concealed carry card, and he is not allowed to carry a loaded gun around, so he was arrested for the aggravated unlawful use of a weapon based on his admissions.”

In Illinois, you must have a firearms owner’s identification card (FOID ) to own a gun and a concealed carry license (CCL) to have it on you.

The state of Illinois has arrested people for owning a gun and not having a FOID. In 2020, police were called to a home because someone heard a gunshot and later arrested the woman living there for having a rifle but not having a FOID card.

She took it to court and won because the court found the FOID card to be an unconstitutional requirement, but it only applies if you are in possession of the gun when you are in your home.

Source: Gun Owner Gets Arrested After Having His Gun Stolen

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