Gun Store Owner Dies In Shootout Defending Wife Against 4 Thugs

Feb 17, 2016 | 0 comments

Photo Courtesy of Four suspects have been charged in the murder of a small business co-owner, who was killed during a robbery at a Shawnee gun store on Friday. The four suspects are: Hakeem Willie Malik, 18 Londro Emanuel Patterson, 19 Deanthony Armond Wiley, 19

Nicquan Ke-Aaron Midgyett, 19

They are accused of killing Jon Bieker, 44, who, along with his wife Becky, owns “She’s a Pistol” gun shop, 5725 Nieman Road in Shawnee.

The couple was at the store Friday afternoon when four armed robbers walked in and a shootout ensued. Becky was punched in the face. Bieker was critically injured during a …read more