Homeowner Fights Back During Attempted Break-In – Let’s Talk Defensive Gun Use

Dec 6, 2023 | 0 comments

KNIGHTDALE, N.C. – The shooting happened late last Wednesday when 35-year-old Juan Acevedo tried to break into a house. The homeowner warned Acevedo when he was trying to get in through a window, and he ignored the homeowner’s warning. The homeowner, a legal gun owner, shot Acevedo in the face and was not seriously hurt.

Part of the news release read, “When the suspect broke a window and attempted to enter the residence, the homeowner fired a single round, stopping the offender’s advance.”

Knightdale Police Chief Lawrence Capps stated, “Our state’s laws dictate when a person may use reasonable force, including deadly force, to protect themselves from presumable death or serious bodily injury.”

“These same laws rightfully provide civil and criminal relief for those who are compelled to use legal force in self-defense situations. We are grateful that the homeowner and his wife survived this ordeal. Furthermore, the suspect’s survival means that he can now be held accountable in a court of law.”

Police arrested Acevedo and charged him with felony breaking and entering with intent to terrorize. He is in the Wake County Detention Center on a $15k bond.

Source: Homeowner Fights Back During Attempted Break-In


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