Homeowner Gets Into Shootout During Home Invasion – Let’s Talk Defensive Gun Use

May 27, 2024 | 0 comments

Winnetka, IL. Early Monday morning, a shootout occurred during an attempted car theft outside a home in Winnetka, a suburb north of Chicago and one of the wealthiest in the state.

There were three people involved. Some of them broke into his home office, stole keys, and attempted to take his Ferrari and Range Rover. One car was parked at the end of the driveway, but the other was behind a gate the group couldn’t open.

The homeowner rushed outside and warned the group to stop or he would shoot. One thief shot a gun, and the homeowner fired back seven times from behind a tree.

Two men fled the scene in a getaway car, while the third ran off. Police said they recovered over 30 shell casings from the scene.

The three suspects are still on the run, but the Winnetka police gave out descriptions :

The suspects are described as follows:

Suspect 1: Possibly male. Unknown race. Wearing a black mask, dark hoodie, dark athletic pants, and athletic shoes.

Suspect 2: Possibly male. Unknown race. Wearing a black mask, white hoodie, and dark pants.

Suspect 3: Unknown sex/race. Believed to be driving 4-door silver Audi sedan.

Winnetka police said, “The homeowner exchanged gunfire with one of the offenders. No one was injured in this exchange.”

For those who say, “You live in a safe neighborhood, why would you need a gun for your home?” This is a prime example, as it is among the wealthiest communities in Illinois and conveniently located away from any interstates for easy escape.


Source: Homeowner Gets Into Shootout During Home Invasion


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