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WILLOW SPRINGS, IL – What began as an ordinary afternoon for a Willow Springs homeowner turned into a tense confrontation when he found himself holding a burglary suspect at gunpoint in his backyard while his nine-year-old daughter played nearby.

Two Chicago men, Kawann Moore, 39, and Richard Pegue, 35, are facing multiple charges after allegedly stealing two chainsaws from a truck in Lombard and leading police on a high-speed chase through the suburbs on Wednesday afternoon.

The incident started at approximately 12:17 p.m. when Lombard police received a report of a burglary at 125 S. Lombard Avenue, where two chainsaws valued at about $200 each were stolen. An Oak Brook police officer soon located the suspects’ vehicle, a gold minivan, and began following it.

Moore, who was driving the minivan, reportedly fled when the officer activated his emergency lights, reaching speeds of about 120 mph on Interstate 55 and nearly hitting a motorcyclist. The chase continued at 100 mph in a 35 mph zone on Ogden Avenue, with Moore violating multiple traffic control devices.

The pursuit ended when Moore and Pegue exited the vehicle and fled on foot near 80th Place and Howard Avenue in Willow Springs, close to a school where children were outside for recess. Pegue was quickly apprehended after a brief foot chase.

Moore, however, fled into a nearby wooded area and ended up in the backyard of a local homeowner. The homeowner, who had been playing outside with his daughter, called 911 and held Moore at gunpoint until police arrived. Moore then attempted to flee back into the woods but was eventually taken into custody.

“The dangerous behavior allegedly exhibited by the defendants in this case is extremely alarming,” said DuPage County State’s Attorney Robert Berlin. “The allegations that in the middle of the afternoon these men traveled at 100 mph on a busy local road and 120 mph on the expressway, nearly hitting a motorcyclist, put the public and the officers involved at great risk. What I find particularly disturbing are the allegations that not only did the defendants flee on foot near a school while children were outside for recess, but one of the defendants was caught in a residential backyard where a child was playing outside.”

Both men have been denied pre-trial release and are scheduled to appear in court on June 10.

Should You Hold Someone At Gunpoint Until Police Arrive?

This incident highlights the unpredictability of everyday life and the importance of being prepared for unexpected situations. It serves as a stark reminder of the potential dangers of confronting criminals, especially when they are on the run. While this homeowner’s quick thinking and bravery ensured his family’s safety, it also underscores the need for caution and the readiness to protect oneself in potentially dangerous encounters.

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