Houston PD serves warrant on man with a machine gun…

Mar 30, 2023 | 0 comments

Completely unbiased statement somewhat relevant to the actual situation.

Anyone who says full auto is useless for home defense is a liar and an idiot, because this dude chased off a whole stack with a single mag. And the only reason they re-engage was because it’s their job.

— Genome Gerome @CoSD (@Ihearahadji) October 13, 2021

OIS Houston, TX (9/20)Houston PD serves a warrant arrest on Deon Ledet who was killed in the shootout-

[Johnson view] pic.twitter.com/7xjA6Bu7IV

— ₩₳Ɽ ₱₳₮Ⱨ (@WarPath2pt0) October 13, 2021

[Vance view] pic.twitter.com/P9UloSlH9M

— ₩₳Ɽ ₱₳₮Ⱨ (@WarPath2pt0) October 13, 2021


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