How Bad is Crime By “Asylum Seekers” – Let’s Talk Defensive Gun Use

Feb 21, 2024 | 0 comments

The absurdity continues with the crime wave growing in many cities caused by “asylum seekers.”

After months of work, I’ve wrapped up my undercover part, and starting Tuesday, I will share what I’ve learned about foreign nationals who have entered our country.

Here’s a quick list of some recent notable events:

Yesterday, Chicago scanner traffic posted by SpotXNews reported, “Over 100 migrants attacking security, security are off duty, police officers.”

Police have arrested over 60 offenders in Oak Brook, IL , at a single mall for robbery.

Yesterday, migrants threw bottles and other objects at NYPD during an arrest at a shelter.

While trying to make an arrest, multiple attackers beat NYPD officers in Times Square and were then released.

Over the weekend, four men in Chicago strangled and robbed a guy on the train.


In a sanctuary city, police can’t arrest someone based on an immigration violation.

Former NYPD Chief of Department Ken Corey told the NY Times that it is nearly impossible to know the numbers because they can’t ask about immigration status, so police do not track these crimes separately in many locations.

Multiple sources have informed me that most of these people prefer to use weapons with points. It’s important to recognize the serious threat that homemade objects like sharp knives pose.

These objects can be extremely difficult to defend against, and taking proactive measures to avoid confrontation is the best way to stay safe. One first-hand account I have is of a man chasing me with a shiv while I was taking pictures, including his. Fortionately, I was faster than he was.

Crime data should include immigration status so authorities can get a handle on how bad this is.

Source: How Bad is Crime By “Asylum Seekers”


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