Indianapolis Colts GM Chris Ballard: “It blows my mind that an 18-year-old can walk in and buy an AK-15 automatic weapon.”

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F. T.

I just read where a bill was on its way to Governor Bakers desk for his signature to change the duration of a Ma. Pistol permit from 6 years to 3 years. I see no reason for this other than to DOUBLE the funds raised at the cost of only gun owners who have licenses.
I would like to know if there has been an increase in the use of guns by licensed gun owners in the use of crimes in Ma.
This is just a way for these Legislators to DOUBLE the income the state takes in for license fees as well as a way to increase the possibiulity of lisensees to fail toi renew because they may forget to after decades of it being a 6 years renewal process.
If yoy live in Ma. contact the Governor’s office by phone and a follow up e-mail denouncing this as a way for ouyr anti gun legislators to screw over gun owners again.
I for one will NOT voet for a single INCUMBANT next time I vote in a state election where these anti Constitutional poiliticians who have all taken an oath to protect the Constitution are running for re-election. None of them.

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