Is the 1st Amendment Under Attack Like the 2nd – Let’s Talk Defensive Gun Use

Mar 5, 2024 | 0 comments

The recent arrests and potential harassment of journalists are definitely cause for concern.

The FBI arrested journalist Steve Baker from Blaze Media on Friday because of his January 6th coverage.

CBS News recently fired Catherine Herridge, who was covering Hunter Biden’s laptop scandal. CBS kept her confidential files when she was let go and later returned them, but that was only after an enormous number of people criticized the network. On top of that, a federal judge is after her for not revealing a source.

In August, a journalist for AmmoLand faced legal proceedings when an assistant US attorney didn’t want him reporting on a 2nd Amendment case. The government withdrew that case when the journalist challenged it in court.

In October, authorities arrested an Alabama newspaper publisher and reporter because they published information about a grand jury subpoena.

Ensuring journalists can carry out their work without fear of reprisal or arrest is essential for the free flow of information.

With the upcoming elections, is this really the message we want to be sending to journalists?

Source: Is the 1st Amendment Under Attack Like the 2nd


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