It’s Time to Get Your Sig On! (If You Want to Win a Boatload of Free Guns)

May 4, 2017 | 0 comments

Wow! The folks at Sig Sauer are getting into the holiday spirit pretty early this year. A heads up on their P320 Take A Shot contest landed in my inbox today. Not only are they giving away guns and gear, two people are going to SHOT Show for a shoot off at the top-secret and super-exclusive Sig Sauer range day event. You want to win this, trust me. Here’s the prize list: 20 P320 pistols SIG MPX SIG MCX M11-A1 P226 Mk 25 Threaded barrels A case of 9mm A case of 300BLK Spare mags Trips to Vegas Invites to range day SHOT Show passes

From the Sig Sauer announcement, here are the …read more