Kentucky Dem tries to block Constitutional Carry Bill by mandating handgun ownership from birth…

Oct 2, 2019 | 0 comments

Democrat representative, Mary Lou Marzian, that is proposing some wild amendments that look like a desperate attempt to block the bill…

Amendment No. 8 – Amend KRS 213.046 to require that a handgun be provided to each parent and child upon the registry and certification of a live birth.

Amendment No. 9 – Amend KRS 402.100 to require that county clerks provide handguns to each party named on any application for a marriage license.

Amendment No. 10 – Amend KRS 199.570 to require the Cabinet for Health and Family Services to provide a handgun to each adoptive parent and the adopted child when a new birth certificate is issued.

Amendment No. 12 – Amend KRS 186.490 to require that handguns be provided to any person acquiring a commercial driver’s license or an operator’s license.

Amendment No. 13 – Create a new section of KRS Chapter 335B to require that a handgun be provided to each person who is granted a professional license from the state.

Amendment No. 14 – Amend KRS 382.110 to require county clerks to provide handguns to each signatory to a recorded mortgage or deed.