KickLite Stocks Pistol Conversion Kit Glock 17 & 19

Oct 21, 2016 | 0 comments

KickLite Stocks and Phoenix Technology SHOT Show 2015 Phoenix Technology SHOT Show 2015 makers of KickLite Stocks with Hank Strange and MixFip. Also included is a peak at their Pistol Conversion Stock for the Glock 17,and 19. KickLite Stocks – recoil suppression product featuring patented recoil reduction technology, has a heavy duty spring and an aluminum shaft working in a linear motion to greatly reduce harsh recoil of common shotgun loads. Your Support for the Hank Strange Situation, Visit Our Patreon Page: Custom Leatherwww.andrewsleather.com 462-0576Ammo Provided by GTR Munitions: http://www.gtrmunitions.comLifestyles of the Locked & LoadedThe Hank Strange Situation …read more