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BLOOMFIELD HILLS, MI – An incident at a Kroger store in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, has ignited a heated debate over Second Amendment rights following an encounter that led to a man, Isaiah Ware, being charged with felony assault with a deadly weapon. The situation unfolded on October 5, 2023, when Ware, a concealed pistol license (CPL) holder, pulled his firearm in what he claims was self-defense during a confrontation at the self-checkout.

According to Ware’s attorney, Neal Brand, Ware was purchasing lasagna for dinner when he accidentally bumped into another customer, Calvin Williams. The minor collision escalated into a verbal altercation, leading Ware to draw his handgun from its holster. Brand argues that the surveillance footage clearly shows that Ware did not make any threatening motions with the weapon; rather, he walked away from Williams, effectively de-escalating the situation.

Despite Ware’s attempt to distance himself, a fellow shopper called the police, resulting in Ware’s arrest at the scene. The prosecutor’s office subsequently charged him with assault with a deadly weapon, a charge that Ware’s defense contests vigorously. Brand contends that Ware acted within his rights to defend himself, especially given Williams’ later admission to police that he would have physically assaulted Ware had he not been armed.

This case raises crucial questions about the defensive display of a firearm. Michigan law treats the showing or brandishing of a concealed handgun as a criminal offense unless there is reasonable cause for self-defense. The debate centers on whether Ware’s action of drawing his firearm was justified under the circumstances or if it constituted brandishing.

As Ware’s trial approaches, the incident serves as a stark reminder of the complexities surrounding concealed carry laws and the importance of understanding the legal framework governing the defensive use of firearms. The case also underscores the potential risks involved in drawing a firearm, such as escalating a situation or provoking a disarm attempt, particularly from individuals who feel they can overpower the firearm holder.

This incident not only emphasizes the necessity to not only know the law but also to exercise extreme caution when considering the display of a weapon in public settings.

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Source: Man Charged After Drawing Gun, Claiming Self-Defense, at Michigan Kroger


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