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OAK FOREST, IL – A man was shot while attempting to stop a car break-in in the south suburbs early Friday morning, highlighting the dangers of confronting suspects over property.

The incident occurred around 1:54 a.m. in the 16900 block of LeClaire Avenue. The man, who had recently installed a security system after a dirt bike was stolen from his garage, received an alert about an attempted break-in on his car.

Neighbors reported that the man, who was on high alert, chased the suspects towards a nearby park. During the pursuit, the offenders opened fire, resulting in an exchange of gunfire. According to police, the suspects fired close to 30 rounds, striking the resident multiple times.

“He got a security system put in,” said neighbor Jake Lambert. “It alerted him around two in the morning that somebody was in his driveway trying to break into his car. He ran down the block after them.”

Despite being shot, the victim is expected to survive. It remains unclear if any of the offenders were hit. The suspects fled the scene in two dark-colored vehicles parked near the park. They had reportedly attempted to break into several cars in the Gingerwood subdivision, close to I-57.

This incident underscores the risks of confronting suspects during a break-in. Confronting individuals attempting to steal property can escalate into violent encounters, as seen in this case. It’s crucial to prioritize personal safety and rely on law enforcement rather than taking matters into one’s own hands.

“It’s a beautiful neighborhood. Nothing like this has ever happened over here,” Lambert said. “We, all the neighbors, came out when something happens and really support the family. And we just want to be there for him and make sure that they get their peace.”

Residents say they plan to have a community meeting to talk about ways to prevent their neighborhood from becoming a target.

Investigators said anyone with any information related to the case should call the Oak Forest Police Department.

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