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TAKOMA PARK, Md. (DC News Now) – Early Tuesday morning, a Takoma Park neighborhood was shaken after a woman was attacked by her own dog, leading to a dramatic intervention by a neighbor who ultimately shot and killed the dog to save her.

Elianne Lieberman, who lives near the incident on the 8300 block of Roanoke Ave., was awakened by unusual barking sounds around 1 a.m. “I was sleeping and got woken up by this sort of like barking sound,” she said. Initially, Lieberman thought it might be a coyote encounter, but the situation quickly escalated.

The Takoma Park Police Department responded to the emergency after receiving multiple 911 calls, including one from Lieberman herself after she heard three gunshots following the barking and crying. “The gunshots were like, ‘Okay, this has gotten way out of my comfort level to just let it be,’” she said.

According to police, a nearby neighbor heard the woman’s desperate cries for help and ran outside. He witnessed the dog dragging its owner and, fearing for her life and his own safety, fired his gun twice at the charging dog. The dog died from its injuries.

Matt Thomas, another local resident and dog owner, expressed his concern over the incident. “It’s unfortunate that that happened,” he said. Thomas emphasized the importance of keeping pets well-trained and under close supervision. “It’s like a kid with four legs. It’s like your baby. You can’t take your eyes off the kids for too long.”

The injured woman was transported to the hospital for treatment. There is no further threat to the community, but the incident has left neighbors on edge, reflecting on the balance between pet ownership and public safety.

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