NSSF Examines the Soros Connection to AG’s Supporting Mexico’s Gun Manufacturer Lawsuit

Aug 7, 2022 | 0 comments

By Larry Keane

It should raise eyebrows when 14 state attorneys general side with a foreign nation to sue U.S. gun manufacturers out of business. After all, these are individuals sworn to defend the rights of the citizens of their states and defend the Constitution.

It raises the question of who and what would influence them to abandon their oath. A common thread is turning out to be the left-leaning billionaire George Soros who has been behind not just the attorneys general to eradicate gun rights in America, but is a funder of the district attorneys coming under fire for policies that sent crime skyrocketing in the United States.

Fourteen attorneys general filed amicus briefs supporting Mexico’s lawsuit against U.S.-based firearm manufacturers. Mexico is seeking $10 billion in damages alleging those manufacturers participate in negligent business practices and are responsible for “massive damage” that is “destabilizing” their country. The case is being ushered along by Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.

“The Amici States – Massachusetts, California, Connecticut, Delaware, the District of Columbia, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, and Oregon – have a strong interest in preserving the remedies afforded by state common law and by state statutes,” wrote the attorneys general of the states. “We also have a paramount interest in preserving all lawful tools — including statutory and common law remedies for unlawful conduct — to deter gun violence within our borders.”

One of those tools happens to be the deep pockets of billionaire ultra-liberal Soros, a gun grabber on an international scale. Soros is a perennial donator to leftist political candidates including those that support gun control.


Soros is tied to the attorneys general siding with Mexico and who would subjugate the U.S. Constitution and Second Amendment rights to foreign powers through direct and political action committee donations and shared gun control ideologies. All favor gun control and all are now on board with Soros’s plan to eliminate Second Amendment rights in America.

Democratic Attorneys General Maura Healey (Mass.), William Tong (Conn.), Kathleen Jennings (Del.), Holly Shikada (Hawaii), Kwame Roul (Ill.), Andrew Bruck (N.J.), Hector Balderas (N.M.) and Letitia James (N.Y.) all hail from states with strict gun control and espouse policies that align with Soros’s Open Society Foundation’s gun control ideologies.

  • California’s Democratic Attorney General Rob Bonta carried the water for Soros as a California assemblyman. Then-Assemblyman Bonta introduced legislation that would require district attorneys to recuse themselves from investigating police use-of-force cases if they received money from police unions. The bill was blasted as a path to clearing out district attorneys so Soros-backed candidates sympathetic to defund-the-police and ending cash bail policies could be elected in their stead.
  • Washington, D.C.’s Democratic Attorney General Karl Racine was listed as a “Notable Participant” at Democracy Alliance’s spring 2018 conference. Soros is a founding member of Democracy Alliance, which is described by the watchdog group InfluenceWatch as “a collective of wealthy Democratic and left-progressive individual and institutional donors.”
  • Maryland’s Democratic Attorney General Brian Frosh openly spoke of collaborating with Soros’s Open Society Institute, one of Soros’s Political Action Committees. AG Frosh is also defending Maryland’s ban on Modern Sporting Rifles (MSRs) that is currently being petitioned to the U.S. Supreme Court.
  • Michigan’s Democratic Attorney General Dana Nessel was sued by the American Freedom Law Center challenging her policy directive to unlawfully target groups in Michigan designated by the radical, leftist Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) as “hate” groups. SPLC was the recipient of donations from the Soros Fund Charitable Foundation.
  • Minnesota’s Democratic Attorney General received a $100,000 donation from George Soros through the People’s Lawyer PAC, a pro-Ellison political action committee. AG Ellison thanked Soros on Twitter, noting, “Some people know what to do with the resources they’ve been blessed with. They don’t need to be president. They don’t need their butts kissed.” Carrying the water on gun control apparently doesn’t fall into the same category.
  • Oregon’s Democratic Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum took in $70,000 from the Soros-funded Drug Policy Action, the political affiliate of Drug Policy Alliance, a prominent drug law reform group.

Funding Attacks

Soros’s influence in American politics, and particularly his vision of neutering the criminal justice system, has finally gotten deserved scrutiny. Soros has also long embraced a radical gun control vision. He has funded litigation against members of the industry going as far back as the 1990s. The Hungarian-born hedge-fund billionaire dropped $18 billion from his personal assets into his charity Open Society Foundation. The organization is billed as a democratic governance and human rights organization that published a reported titled, “Gun Control in the United States” calling for criminalizing private firearm transfers, bans on certain handguns and a state-by-state licensing scheme that would put every law-abiding gun owner into government-run registries.

Open Society Foundation has donated to gun control groups that espouse outright gun bans. Soros lobbyists poured $9 million into getting Congress to repeal the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA), the chief obstacle to Mexico’s harassing lawsuit. Soros’s Open Society Foundation was instrumental in crafting the Biden administration’s gun control policies. These were pitched as policies to curb violent crime, but President Joe Biden offered no crime fighting plans, only plans to punish the firearm industry and law-abiding gun owners. Of course, that plan includes President Biden’s hope to repeal the PLCAA.

These revelations raise serious questions about the allegiances these attorneys general hold and who they serve. They swore an oath to uphold the Constitution. The evidence shows that their loyalties lie in donations and shared visions of eradicating lawful gun ownership in America by doing the bidding of a foreign government.