NY State Police compiling gun owner registry?

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In my state, every time I bought a gun, there was a lot of paperwork about the gun with serial number and abouyt me, where I lived etc. Now where do you think all that paperwork goes. I am pretty sure its no secret if you buy a gun. Its sure not in Ma. Maybe your state is different. I may have one I bought over 45+ years ago rhey may not know about but thats about it. I even found out I recently I have an “Assault Rifle”. Its a Marlin .22 Caliber. What a joke. I suppose I could do a mss shooting of squirrels but thats about it. It might be ewasier for police to enforce gun laws if there wasn’t so many REALLY STUPIS ones out there. Hich capacity magazines. Its takes only a second or two at the most with a bit of practice to change magazines, especially if you tape two or three together so all you have to do is flip them around. One proposed law is to bann ALL semi auto firearms. That would include pistols. That would mean that about 90% of handguns would be illegal. Another stupid proposed law. Its too bad that law makers deciding about gun rights don’t know one end of a gun from the other. Some ot the dumbest people in Government. One politician actually said that high capacity magazines turn rifles into machine guns. Also for about $1.00 PER Round for .223/5.56 ammo, who can afford to shoot off a bunch of ammo.

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