Our site was maliciously “suspended” but we are now back up and running…

As you have noticed this site was “suspended”…

From what I know of this and what was explained to us by our web host, this seems to me that we were maliciously acted upon by someone who did not like what we are doing here. Internally settings were changed on the host side of things that led to this occurrence and it seems to me that it could only have been done via a malicious attack by someone on their side of things. We received no email communication about the suspension (which is their standard protocol)… we just woke up and discovered our site was gone and we had a giant mess on our hands. They have assured me that they will be investigating this internally.

You can read more of the incident here at Moms At Arms who were covering this event for us as it unfolded…


This came right on the heels of us receiving a twitter suspension for describing someone as acting as a “whore” for leaving one news organization for another. I question the timing…

While we do have the site back up and running, we have a huge mess on our hands to clean up before we will be back to full strength. We appreciate your patience and your support. We will be back to regularly scheduled programing ASAP.

Thank you!

UPDATE – 1/13/22 – Posting has resumed.

UPDATE – 1/14/22 – Posting has resumed but it will most likely be slow until Monday. We have many site issues to resolve. (And a duck hunting trip planned for Saturday)

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Oh hey, glad to see you back. I was hoping it was just a technical glitch. We’re gonna be suffering for a while from woke employees who sneak around throwing monkey wrenches in the dark because they think the world should bend to their will. I blame our entire education system. Hang in there.


Glad to see you are back. Next time something like that happens you should spread the word on III% and gun blog sites.


Agree. I’ll go look, but I don’t know if TGF has a Rumble channel, and they should, but I do know they don’t have a Gettr account.

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It must have been my comment I posted…so sorry for triggering these tards with words.

Words matter…


It won’t be the last…


Glad you’re back, I love this site and was hoping it would come back.


Can’t stop the signal, mal.

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