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ALEXANDRIA, AL – In a tense encounter that underscores the significance of home defense, a break-in attempt by an ex-husband at an Alexandria residence was abruptly halted when he was shot multiple times by an occupant. The Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office reported responding to a distress call from his ex-wife who lived at the residence, who reported an attempted home invasion.

Upon arrival, deputies discovered the ex-husband suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. He had been shot by one of the occupants of the home during his attempted invasion. He was swiftly taken to a local hospital, where his condition is being closely monitored. The ex-wife and her daughter were thankfully found unharmed outside the residence.

The situation underscores a grim reality: despite the presence of protection orders, they can sometimes be insufficient against individuals determined to cause harm. The ex-husband’s background is marked with repeated violations of such orders, with, according to CBS42 , four infractions on record, six arrests within the past year alone, and an active warrant out for his arrest due to a violation that very morning.

Domestic Violence and CCW

This incident is a stark reminder of the importance of self-defense, particularly for those who may feel vulnerable in their own homes. The ability to possess a firearm for protection purposes stands as a critical right, especially in circumstances where legal measures like protection orders may not be enough to deter those with harmful intentions. The right to bear arms for defense is not just a constitutional right but, as seen in this case, can be a necessary and lifesaving measure.

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